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Наши в Индии или Regarding Outsourcing и не только.

Вот тут можно обнаружить многочисленные предыдущие серии нашей мыльной оперы.

А теперь -

Hello to ya all :)

Again it's been a while since my last message and
again I have a legitimate excuse...or maybe I'm just
trying to give you breaks, since the messages I send
are pretty informative and require time to be read and
digested :)

Well, here is the excuse I have for you this time: we
had a company day out last week. Thomson reserved a
hotel/resort for one day for all its employees in the
outskirts of Bangalore. Cool stuff it was
...breakfast and lunch, different activities, dance
floor and DJ, pool, table tennis, tennis, badminton,
face painting, tatoo, games with prizes...So, you
might wonder how one day of partying made me so busy,
I couldn't even find an hour to write you a message.
Well, as a part of activities they've put up a 3-hour
show and I participated in the dance part of it. And
so during the last 2 weeks all my free time was
consumed by preparations for this performance one way
or another...choreographing, teaching, rehearsing,
searching for costumes...

I must say, our dance was a great success (or at least
that's what they all said). But now I have tons of
work to catch up with, so seems like time issue is a
never-ending one.

And now, your favorite question and answer session.

> How was your Thanksgiving?

The only reason I noticed this holiday, is we usually
have weekly meetings with our team-members in US on
Thursday nights (or Thursday mornings for our american
peers). These meetings are pretty useless (to say the
least), but require us to stay in the office late.
That Thursday we had a nice break...that's as far as
my celebrations went...

> Are you still living with the family or found an
> apartment of your own?

I was living with that girl, my coworker's wife. He
went to US for a 3-month training, and they asked me
to stay with her in his abscence. Well, it all
started very nice and bright, but a week later her
father-in-law had major heart problems and was
scheduled for a surgery. As family laws in India
require, once married, daughter-in-law becomes a part
of the family up to extend where she has to come and
take care of her father-in-law, even though this
father-in-law has his own daughter. Well, his own
daughter is now married and so she belongs to her
husband's family and more or less has nothing to do
with her own family...at least she wasn't required to
be there after her father undergoes the surgery,
whereas my roommate was totally obligated to make
herself available. And so, according to Indian family
laws (a different section of it :), I was not allowed
to stay in this house in her abscence and had to leave
immediately. Luckily, Thomson came to help : they
allowed me to go back to the guest-house and stay
there for another 1-2 weeks, until I find my new home.
That's where I am at right now. Searching for
accommodations and enjoying the guest-house in the

> Any plans to come to NY for vacation?

Frankly speaking, not really. I am going to have
approximately 40 days-off next year. These can be
used towards leave for any reason, be it a sick leave
or vacation leave. If I get so homesick, I can't
spend a single extra day outside of USA, I'm going to
come. Otherwise...there're so many places to visit
here and since now I can speak from experience, (done
some travelling over the last 2 months ), I can be
more realistic about my planning and timing. Just to
give you a rough idea, distances of 200-300 miles take
as long as 8-10 hours. And you know me, I'm not a big
fan of flights, plus, you can't reach all places by

> Have you been to a movie theater?

Not yet. But believe it or not, I'm planning to visit
one. I guess I will add it to the list of things I've
never liked doing before and started doing here.
Movies is one of the major time-out attractions for
Bangaloreans (I hope this is the right name to call
locals :) and so movie theaters are pretty well
developed. They have this fancy-shmansy movie theater
with big reclining leather chairs, food served during
the movie (real food, not that pop-crap) and I think
it's designed to accomodate only 10 or so people at a
time. This theater is really expensive : tickets cost
450 Rs. ($10), and so it's a real VIP treat. I think,
I have to check it out. Besides this one, the rest is
more or less suitable for normal working people...they
don't have Sony IMAX, but something similar to that.

> How is the weather/temperature?

Weather these days is absolutely gorgeous. It's
winter now even here, which means no rains at all,
bright, sunny and crispy...bright blue skies, dry air,
around 75-80 during the day, 60-65 during the night.
It can't be better really...

> You mentioned that there are poor people asking for
> food, do people give them money, food, or just
> ignoring them?

Most of the people are ignoring them, if they're in
good mood, or get annoyed and push them away if
they're not in such a good mood. I have to admit,
those beggars are really annoying, as they don't sit
quietly and look miserably in your eyes. They rather
walk up to you, start pulling you, touching you, show
you they're hungry, they follow you until you either
give them something or push them away. I personally
rarely get very touched by theim, since most of them
look pretty bloody healthy to me...of course it's not
up to me to judge...they're free to choose their way
of making money. I just don't feel like being a
source of their income, as they don't look like people
who're genuinely in need.

> Speaking of Hanukkah, any festivities in Bangalore?

I came to know, there was a Hanukka party organized by
Israeli's who came to Bangalore to establish IT (or
some other) business. Didn't get a chance to attend
the party though...learned about it after the fact. I
went to visit that only jewish family which lives in
Bangalore, we lit Haunkka candles, said blessings,
although, local tunes made them sound like some muslim
prayer...ate local version of latkes (it's also made
of potato and is also fried in oil, but like
everything else here, it is spicy and smaller in size)
and some sweets also fried in oil. Those sweets are
really good and I have a story to tell you about them.
Just remind me, if I forget to write about it next
time...it's really funny :)

That's all for today.

Love and light


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