Енот, Kp., Esq. ® (kpoxa_e) wrote,
Енот, Kp., Esq. ®

-Tomorrow I'm getting brownies.
-Well, my friend Emily is baking me brownies.
-Well, technically speaking, she promised to bake me some. And then other people heard about it and now she's making commercial quantities of brownies.
-Погоди, это она пекла печенье для Дэниела в прошлом году?
-Nope, that was Lidya.
-A это?..
-Yep. Emily.
-Do you want to tell me anything else about this friend Emily?
-Nope, I'm good, thank you.

15 лет, однако :) ноги все волосатые :))))
Tags: Гришка

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