Енот, Kp., Esq. ® (kpoxa_e) wrote,
Енот, Kp., Esq. ®

Господаидамы, у кого не видны комментарии: вот что мне ответили:

Thank you for your inquiry.

This is a known issue that is only present in xcolibur site scheme, which, unfortunately, is outdated and not supported by developers for about 10 years.
Nevertheless, developers are aware of this issue and may be fixing it when it's possible, but we can't guarantee it or provide any time frames.

You may switch to a newer site scheme at http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/?cat=display#LJ__Setting__SiteScheme_sitescheme_horizon.

И действительно, я поменяла схему, и всё заработало. Это не всем удобно, однако же вот.
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