May 25th, 2007


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...I finally sat down to write an update. This uneasy task of editing pictures and writing and putting it all together took me a month or so. All the events described happened in March and names remain unchanged.

In the meantime a new rule has come into action in our cellular jail. According to the rule, no personal mail can be sent out with an attachment using office equipment, so I had to full the jail authorities by sending the attachement using my official e-mail to my personal e-mail first and then forward it to all of you, my dear recipients. Apologies on behalf of Thomson jail Financial...

Yours as always,

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Слушайте, я всё понимаю, бензин дорогой, сезон, ля-ля, тополя.
Hо с какого перепугу самолёт в Финляндию от нас стоит $1200 - 8 часов полёта - а в Австралию $1600 - 25 часов пути?

А в Японию - $1400. 13 часов лёту. Ы?