January 15th, 2008


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Пришёл из школы, глаза "восемь-на-двенадцать". Остановился напротив меня, и говорит:

-Mommy. Just to let you know. I'm not sleeping for the
next two months. I'm too scared of getting nighmares. I'm scarred for life.
-Что с тобой случилось, детка?
-Today, we had this "Miracle of life" video. They explained what happens when you have an erection! And they showed us how it's happening under a thermal cam, and stuff! And fetuses... and so on... The only cool thing was that at 18 weeks, a fetus can see with it's eyes closed. Yea. Yea. And our teacher had this creepy smile on his face the entire time he told us this. No. I'm not slleping today. And tomorrow. And ever. And the next two months!!!

Ну, не сказал, что никогда в жизни сексом заниматься не будет, и то хлеб :))))