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Наши в Индии или Regarding Outsourcing и не только

Давние читатели моего журнала помнят серию рассказов из Индии - вот тут можно найти многочисленные первые серии.
Сегодня мне пришло продолжение - читайте! Оно, правда, по-английски :)

Ladies and gentlemen :)

This time I'm going to make it short again. I think by now you should be pretty familiar with what life in India is all about and nothing can really surprise you. So, I decided to take it one step further and introduce you to local vocabulary. Of course it's impossible to capture tone of voice, facial expression and gestures in excel sheet, but at least you can get a feel of local flavor.

Short story to warm you up.

Coming back from yoga this morning, I became a witness of the scene which was funny and sad at the same time. You all know that traffic in India is a complete and absolute mess. Nothing can get messier then that...there're no traffic rules and everything which moves, moves at its own pace and according to its own rules. No lanes, no giving way, no braking...horn is the way to get by. Imagine the following picture: you're driving a bike, there's a bicycle in front of you and of course you can't go around it, because there's about 300 other vehicles on both sides. What do you do in such case? You press your horn and keep pressing it until miracle happens, and either bicycle disappears from your way somehow, or 150 other vehicles disappear from one of your sid! es at the same time so that you can go around the poor guy on bicycle. I must say this constant honking was driving me nuts for a long-long time. It’s still pretty irritating, but I noticed, I started to get used to the never ending noise. So…walking home from yoga this morning and approaching a busy intersection, I noticed that sound of horns is at least one level more intense then usual. It didn’t take me long to see what was the problem. In the middle of busy street, right before the intersection there’s a wagon full of hay, donkey is in highly rebellious state of mind, the guy sits almost under the wagon and cries…pretty loudly I must say. Why? Donkey decided to take a brake in the middle of all this mess, and all ! 300 vehicles came to a halt…and when? When the light is green! So policemen came to regulate the traffic and since there was no point in hitting the donkey anyway, they decided to hit the poor fellow who was riding this wagon full of hay. That’s how he ended up under the wagon and in tears. No words can describe a picture of poor 50 year old guy, so skinny, you can see ribs through his shirt, wearing some old and dirty clothes, sitting under his wagon full of hay and crying out loud, while his donkey is enjoying his little meditation break and 2 policemen are beating him up with the very stick the poor fellow once used to hit the donkey…I think the poor guy’s woes made it to donkey’s heart pretty fast though, as the next minute he came out of his trance, and started going. Poor fellow just made it from under the wagon, took his place at the corner of wagon and the traffic resumed. India is amazing…21st century and air-conditioned building of steel and concrete, high-speed internet connection, conquering of space and poor man sitting under his wagon full of hay and crying …sometimes it feels like time has come to a halt…

All the best and with lots of love

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