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Hello my dear friends :)

It's been a long time again, and I have some good and bad excuses for having dissappeared again.
In short, I had a 2-week vacation, when I went up North (to Calcutta and Himalayas).
Big report about this trip is coming up shortly. In the meantime, let me just update you briefly on what's going on.

Half of the country has drowned - monsoons have reached almost everywhere, except for few places.
I get amazed every day thinking about how difficult is life here. Just couple of weeks ago the whole country was
literally roasting in the sun with temperatures hitting 45-50C degrees during the day and hundreds of people dying
from heat strokes. Now people are dying from water-born diseases (with undeveloped drainage systems even in big cities
like Bangalore even a 2-3 hour long rain is enough for drinking water to get contaminated with germs from sewage water.
I don't dare thinking about the situation in villages), crops are dying too, leaving people with no food.
Besides, even if there's rice to cook, non-stop rains make it extremely difficult to cook since all the woods
become wet in the rain, and so people can't make fire. Yes, lot's of people are still burning woods for cooking,
even in the cities, forget villages). So, these days people are dying of famine and water-born diseases like
typhoid fever and cholera.

The weather here is wonderful as always. I was just thinking how blessed I was to be here (or in Himalayas)
during the heat waves. The hottest it's gotten over here was around 35-37C, and nights were always cool.
Now it became as cold as it was during winter months of January and February (if not colder that is around
22-25 during the day and around 15 during the night). It rains pretty often, but not every day and rains are rather
pleasant, very heavy, with thunder and they last 2-3 hours at most (whereas it's been raining non-stop in Bombay
for example for the past week).
Last week I read in the newspaper, that around 20 people get admitted to hospitals every day with symptomps of
stomach virus as a result of using contaminated water. Sadly enough, I became victim of such virus too. I was lucky
enough not to end up in hospital, but had my share of fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and all the fun stuff...I'm completely
recovered by now, but was out sick for few days.
In the meantime, software business keeps growing with ever increasing speed. Met a whole bunch of american guys
working for Microsoft here. Each of them came for at least a 1-year project, many are thinking of extending their stay.
The reasons being, it's much easier to find a job here, much easier to save money and you can't beat the exotica of this place.

I asked the yoga teacher this morning to explain me the meaning of the prayer they're singing every time at the
end of the class. He started translating the words and we ended up talking about yoga.
"What is yoga", - I asked. Here's his responce.
"Yoga is a discipline. It's a discipline of living one's life in such way, so that it doesn't become harmful to that
individual as well as anyone around him/her. This means, being honest, sharing your success with others
(giving charity, because if G-d gives one more money that s/he needs, that means the intend is for this individual
to share it with those who're in need), giving your 100% at anything you do, be it work, relationship, family,
strangers...eating healthy, thinking a lot, speaking little, being happy with whatever comes your way, trusting that
G-d knows better and praying for wisdom...And once you achieve all this, stretching and physical strength will come
naturally, and all those fancy yoga postures will become easy like a breeze..."
Sounds so trivial and easy, yet so powerful...

I hope I complete my Himalaya report, upload the pictures and send you some cool stuff soon :)

In the meantime, all the best :)



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