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My dear readers of Bangalore updates,

I know it's been a long while again, and I've accumulated a lot of interesting news to share with you all. But as always time factor comes into picture, it shamelessly acts against us, making news "olds" and impressions fade...

I've been really busy with work lately (sometimes it happens too), and my extra-curriculum activities wouldn't allow me to spend extra time in the office. So while I'm still in the process of generating the latest update, here are two links with some interesting info about India. Stay tuned for the coming news from the Bollywood (Indian version of Hollywood) shooting scene, Bangalore burning and crashing, mourning for its national hero, famous actor and unforgettable experience of bathing in cool waters of Cauvery river, the water supplier for two Southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Short ABC-news chronicles about India:

Driving in India:

Yours as always,


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