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Regarding Outsourcing и не только.

Это даже не PR, ибо у героини нет своего ЖЖ. Но хранить в ящичке я такое просто не могла. Разумеется, согласие героини на публикацию материалов получено.

Краткая аннотация: в Штатах идёт outsourcing. Для неместных и/или не сведущих в вопросе, поясняю: программистские работы уплывают в страны с гораздо меньшими зарплатами. В Индию в основном... но не только.
Работала у нас классная девчёнка. Занимаемое ей место "ушло" в Индию. И, видимо, от нехватки адреналина в крови, решила наша героиня поехать вслед за своим местом. Никто у нас не верил - ставки народ делал, действительно поедет или хохма...

Shalom ;)

I think, I'm going to start writing big e-mails about
my life in India. Please, keep asking me questions,
and this way it will be easier for me to be more

> India through your eyes, this is very interesting.
> :-)
> You've said, "home", but that made me instantly
> think
> "home? what is home?".

Home is were the heart is (is that what they say in

This is going to be my longest stay since I've left
NYC (I'm planning to stay there 4-6 weeks until I
decide whether I want to stay in India at all, the
next step would be to look for appartment if I decide
to stay here).

So, my home is like this. I live in the appartment
owned by a couple. We share living room and I have my
own bedroom and toilet/"shower" (well, so far I
haven't seen a functioning shower in India. It's
there, but it never works, so you use the tap water to
wash yourself). My hosts clean my room daily, plus
they do laundry, iron my clothes, cook breakfast and
dinner...I mean it feels like home, since everything
is taken care of for me. All this costs company 850
Rs. per day (which is ~19).
Distance is being measured in kilometers here , so to
asnwer the question how far is my home from work : 2
km. First day I took an autoriksha (15 Rs. or ~35
cents), but then I decided to walk. It's a 20-25 mins
walk and the neighborhood is considered to be the
nicest, so it's safe.

> What is work like?
> Will you be doing the same thing as in nyc?
> How far from work are you staying? How do you get
> to
> work? Is everyone there Indian, or are there more
> aliens like you?

My work is very similar (if not the same) as I had in
NYC. I'm very-very glad I didn't let myself get too
tempted by advices like "go travel for a month and
then come back to NYC and find a job here".
Everything is SOO different here, and so my job, which
is the only thing that's the same, is my last straw
that keeps me sane...

Everybody is Indian in my offce and around me. I saw
some tourists in Bombay when I was walking in the
hotel/tourist neighborhood. By the way, a lot of
Israeli among those white people. Well, El-Al flight
was cancelled that day (their computer on aircraft
broke), and so they had to place the entire flight
(~400 people, since it's B747) into hotels until they
fix the problem. Besides that there were few white
people on my flight to Bangalore. They all came as a
group to stay in ashram and practice yoga. That's
about it.

> Do you have a phone where I could call you sometime?

Yes. My work number is .... My home
# is .... I'm usually home after 10pm,
but there's a festival here these days (until sunday)
so I might go out tonight with my coworkers. Don't
forget, the time difference is 9.5 hours.

> Hope you're enjoying your experience!

Enjoying is not the word. I am tremendously glad I
did it. Inspite of the shock I'm very happy about it
all so far.


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