Енот, Kp., Esq. ® (kpoxa_e) wrote,
Енот, Kp., Esq. ®

-...and then my boyfriend said that he didn't know that I said... well...
-Женечка, you have a boyfriend?!
-Well, sure. I have a boyfriend. But he is far, far away.
-May I ask what his name is?
-Eh... well... his name... his name... his name is, probably, Tweetey. But I'm not sure. No, I'm not sure.
-Tweetey, huh?
-Tweetey. And another boyfriend's name is... eh... well...
-How many boyfriends, exactly, do you have? :)
-I don't know. Many. Too many.

Назывется "то ли ещё будет, ой-ёй-ёй" :)
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