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Regarding Outsourcing и не только - 2

Начало вот тут

Hello again :)

First of all, thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you
guys are enjoying my little reports :)

Second of all, tomorrow is official holiday here,
which means, I'm going to be out of the office for the
next 3 days and no access to PC/internet. Please
don't worry if you don't hear from me until Monday.
If there's something urgent, you can always call me on
my mobile ..., or send an SMS.

And now the exciting part. Answers to more of your

> Do you have drinking water in your office?

But of course...you know I can't last long without
drinking at least a gallon per day.

> Is there running tap water?

Yes, there is (at least in Bangalore). Place where I
stayed in Bombay had running tap water, but the water
had to be pumped up into tank (located on the roof of
the house), so that it can be used in the sinks. Once
tank empties, you have to wait few hours till it fills
the tank. There's no flushing facilities in the
toilet though...actually the toilet looks like a good
old Russian facilities outside the house with one
exception : there's a little stool above the hole, so
that you can shit with comfort ;)

As for Bangalore (or at least the place where I'm
staying now), there's no problem with water in sink or
with flushing the toilet.

> Can you drink tap water?

No. Only filtered or bottled. Even local people
don't drink tap water.

> How safe is Bangalore? Criminals?

It's not safe to be out on streets after 7-8PM,
especially for girls. So the company provides taxies
if you happen to work after 8PM. Otherwise, indians
are pretty harmless...I would even say that those who
don't speak English get scared of me when I ask them
something :)

> What's man:woman ratio in your office?

approximately 25 men to 1 woman...yes, I'm the real
minority here...

> Anybody wears turban?

Haven't seen anyone in my office yet.

> What are computers like?

Dell P3, 21'' monitor, network is pretty slow,
internet connection is good, probably T3, although
it's very expensive here.

> How about xerox and printer?

Yes, they have both. Printer is nice (quiet, fast and
never out of paper, as opposed to our NYC office).
Haven't used the copy machine yet.

Finally, since I'll be out of reach for the next
couple of days, here's a really cool site about India,
so enjoy your browsing and collect your questions for
the next session ;)


Yours as always

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