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Regarding Outsourcing и не только - 7

Начало вот тут

Продолжение вот тут,тут и тут

Hello to all of ya again :)

I've got some interesting questions today and so here
are the answers.

> What is the temperature during the day & night?

During the day it can get somewhat hot (around 80-85).
During the evening it's rather cool (around 65-70).
I guess it gets even cooler at night because I always
need a blanket and sometimes even have to close the
It's a raining season here now, so it rains once in a
while. Rains are wonderful : they are extremely heavy
with strong winds, and they usually end in a matter of
5-10 mins.

> How do you communicate with your host, people on the
> street, in a store?

Yesterday I finally went to a supermarket and it was
quite an adventureous event as I ended up meeting 2
Italian producers who are staying here to make a
movie. Well, this is probably going to be a separate
story. As for communicating with people...those who
don't know English get scared when I approach them,
but luckily, India is so full of people, there's
always someone else to ask.

> Have you taken a public transportation?

Yes. In Bombay it was bus and train. In Bangalore it
was bus. I can talk a lot about public transportation
(as you can see, any detail can become a separate
topic). The most prominent thing about PT is that
both buses and trains almost don't stop at the
stations. They slow down, maybe halt for 5-10 secs
and start moving again. India is about people, and
there's lots of them everywhere. Those who are using
PT aren't exception. Imagine 20 people getting off
the bus, then 20 people getting on and all this while
the bus almost doesn't stop moving. Another thing :
many people ride here hanging out from every hole :
windows, "doors"...well, there's no doors here...just
openings for in-out traffic.

> Are people you are working with exceptionally smart
> or average?

My coworkers are very smart. I don't know about
others, but looks like this office is a great success
so far (knock-knock :)

> How an average person relates to foreigners (you in
> particular)?

Depends where and in what sircumstances I meet this
average person. All people on streets keep staring at
me as if I have horns and tail. Even those dressed in
business attire (i.e. people who obviously work in one
of american IT companies). Even my coworkers stare at
me (well, those who don't know me).
However, as soon as I meet someone, and they stop
being strangers and I stop being stranger, people turn
out to be very nice and friendly and helpful.

> Are your living arrangements (host cleans, cooks,
> etc) are temporarily?

Yes. This is what Thomson provides for 2 weeks
usually for all new employees who come to Bangalore
from a different city (even for Indians). In my case
it's going to be 4-6 weeks : they prefer 4 of course,
but promised to extend it up to 6 if I still haven't
found my own accommodations by the end of 4 weeks.

> Do you watch TV?

Sometimes. Or better yet, I watched it couple of
times...not for long time though. Maybe 10-15 mins
each time.

> What language the programs on?

There are programs in Hindy, Kanada (language of the
state where Bangalore is capital), English...hey, I
even watched CNN here.

> How TV programs cover various topics (e.g. local and
> international politics)?

Yeah, I saw Kerry on TV...switched right away to a
different channel...

> How young people different / the same in their life
> goals?

Well, goals are probably same across the universe :
everybody wants to be healthy, wealthy, happy and
married with kids. The way of life is somewhat
different here : family is the most important part of
life. And so all people who I work with, support
their parents, siblings, go home for vacations (vs.
travelling to some new places) and ultimately they all
save money for the days when they get married and
start their own families. So they live as cheap as
possible today to build their birght future.

I guess that's it for today.
I am going to start sending pictures next time. But
in the meantime here's something that's very typical
to India. Hope you enjoy it :)

Yours, as always

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