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Regarding Outsourcing и не только - 10

Начало вот тут

Продолжение вот тут,тут,тут, тут, тут и тут.

Hello and namaste :)

I'm sorry for being silent for such long time. I know
you're all waiting impatiently to hear more cool
stories about life in India. I had a lot of things to
take care of recently and so almost no time for
mails...but I promise to catch up and send you all the
updates, so that you don't feel that I've forgotten
about you.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for :
answers to your questions.

> How are your parents? They probably miss you a lot
> since you move to the other side of the world.

Yes, definitely. As a matter of fact, I try to chat
with them every day and they seem to be very
consistent with asking me the same question every time
we speak : "So, when are you planning to come home?"
The truth is that I still don't know. I came here
without any timeframe in mind, keeping it pretty
flexible. I like it a lot here and I feel that I can
do a lot, learn a lot, see a lot and contribute a lot.
So...looks like I'm going to spend here the next few
months, so pack your bags and come on over :)

> these Indian Jews are they all Sefardic?

Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, I've got to meet
the only Jewish family in Bangalore couple of weeks
ago. It was a great amazing experience. The father
of the family, who is around 80 years old, has an
incredibly clear mind. He is a former architector, he
designed projects for few famous buildings in Deli,
where he and his family used to live up until 3 years
ago. He has travelled a lot in search of documents in
regards to Jewish life in this region during his
"active" years and now spends his retirement writing
books about his findings. I was lucky to get his
books as presents, so I will be able to tell you more
about Jews of India once I finish reading them. One
of the books by the way is about Jesus. According to
Mr. Benjamin, Jesus spent few years in India studying
with guru's and teaching them about Judaism ... there
are even documents to prove it, how about that for a

> There are no Ashkenasic type? What about Chabbad?

Yes, the only Ashkenazi jews who I met here was young
Chabbad family, who was placed by Chabbad organization
in Bombay. Actually they aren't really Ashkenazi,
since they were born in Israel.

> What is your coworkers think about Israel? Do they
> feel like EU or they more understanding since India
> also have trouble with muslim neigbors?

Well, it was interesting to watch locals' reaction to
US elections, to Arafat's death and US policies in
Arab countries. As everywhere else, people here have
different opinions. My immediate coworkers, i.e.
members of my team, seem to gravitate to right-wing.
However I saw a lot of people who were dissappointed
with Bush winning the elections. As for Israel, I
didn't get to speak to a lot of people about their
opinion on Middle East conflict. Again, my
team-members seem to be rather pro-Israeli then
pro-Palestine. One of my coworkers is Punjabi and his
family had to move to India from Pakistan, just like
many other refugees moved from Punjab prosecuted by
Pakistanian terrorists groups. Another one is just
from North and she knows that terror isn't good in any
shape or country. Third is a hard-core
pacifist...actually his religion is so
peace/no-harm-to-anyone oriented, most orthodox people
of this religion even wear masks above their mouthes
to ensure that they don't swallow any living being
accidentally. They are all strict vegetarians indeed.

In regards to problems between muslims and
hindu's...of course none of non-muslim likes the
situation in Kashmir. Hindu's are very peacefull in
general, they are very tolerant of other religions and
nations (for example, Jews of india were probably the
least prosecuted Jews throughout the history of
diaspora), they are somewhat indifferent
even...however, when provoked, they react. There
isn't many muslims in Thomson, so I didn't get a
chance to see the other side of the coin...

Everybody was glad about Arafat news...

> How do they
> feel about US? A lot of Indians, I met here in
> States always complimented me on how great Soviet
> Union was and that they study there or know somebody
> who study there.

Well, the reason a lot of people are against Bush
which by the way was very visible during the
elections, is that Bush has chosen to fight Iraq and
not Pakistan...according to many people here,
Iran/Pakistan are far more dangerous, and so it's
clear to them that Bush has more interest in Iraqian
oil then anything else. At the same time, Bangalore
is a city which has developed extremely fast. It grew
in all directions and dimensions and everybody
realizes that USA is their "bread and butter". 90% of
professionals here are involved in some IT business,
and so people can not just ignore the country which
makes their lives so much better. The city is young
in a sense that the crowd is young. Students flee
here from all over the country in search of job
opportunities. This makes majority of population to
be progressive, and west-oriented. It's interesting
to see how East meets West here...how office looks
very professional and american-like and at the same
time all restrooms in the building have signs saying
that you cannot wash feet in the toilet...actually I
was thinking of making a picture of this sign and
sending it to you :) Maybe I will realize this
thought in action some time.

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a
long day for me and the time is now 10:16pm. I would
be most gratefull to hear your feedback and more

WIth that and my love I will leave you alone (for
G-d's sake :)

Take care


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